Conquest! More real metal from these Midwest greats!

Review by, Santos

These guys just won’t stop! Conquest started in my hometown 30+ years ago and I am still a fan to this day! I loved their early stuff back in the early demo cassette days and especially their releases under Dark Star Records. The last few releases have been fantastic, especially “End of Days”. This new release continues that classic Conquest energy that they started many years ago.
“The World has gone to hell” is a great collection of old school metal with some awesome surprises. If you want real metal, great guitar, pounding bass & drums, and ageless vocals you will love these guys. There are some great tracks on this one, the title track is a great opener. “Black Skies” & the slow-building “Mr. Snowman” are awesome heavy tracks. Tracks like “New August” & “Hell to Pay” are classic fist-pumping rockers. “The Creator” is a heavy track and lyrically fantastic! There are 2 bonus tracks that you definitely don’t want to skip. I have to point out two tracks, although it may sound silly, that are “feel good” rockers. Although “Red” might be a slower track, it has a great groove to it. “Heart of Gold” might at first listen, seem too light for this album, but it really works. Both these tracks have a great vibe and bring a smile to face when I hear them!
The production on this album is fantastic. The band sounds tight and their passion and love of what they do are very evident. Derrick’s vocals seem to get better with age. He has a great metal voice, he can shred & he can growl when necessary but you won’t hear any Cookie Monster vocals(thank God). And damn, he pulls off the slower tracks with the perfect amount of nostalgia and finesse.
I highly recommend this album! Gotta say, “End of Days” is still my favorite release but this one is right there as well.